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The Food Safety Modernization Act of 2011 clearly defines the requirements that must be followed for importers to comply with the regulation. The intent of the regulation is to improve the safety of human and animal food being imported to the United States. The most important part of the FSMA regulations for importers is the Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP) regulation published in late 2015.

This course focuses on explaining the requirements of the FSVP rule, and how importers can comply with the regulations. The curriculum was designed by regulatory, academic, and industry professionals and developed in consultation with the Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as part of the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance, or FSPCA. Attending this course will help you understand the FSVP requirements and how those requirements can be met in your particular circumstance. The content of the course is consistent with the FSVP Regulation.

Students who attend the Safe Food Resources Foreign Supplier Verification Program (FSVP)

Course will:

  • Understand the purpose of the FSVP Rule
  • Learn to Develop a Foreign Supplier Verification Program
  • Learn how to Implement the FSVP Rule
  • Learn the requirements for Record Keeping in a FSVP
  • Understand how FDA oversight of the Regulation will work
  • Receive Templates for developing a FSVP plan
  • Receive the official FSPCA Book, Work Book and Certificate of Completion with FSPCA assigned certificate number
  • Receive meals, snacks and beverages throughout the duration of the course
  • Become a Food Safety Hero!

Who Should Attend

  • U.S.-based importers who meet the definition of “importer” in the FSVP rule, which includes those who own or are the consignee of the food at the time of entry
  • U.S. agent or representative of the foreign owner of the food at the time of import
  • Others who have an interest in ensuring the requirements of the FSVP rule are met:
  • Brokers, exporters, foreign suppliers of food
  • Persons, business owners or those who purchase food from suppliers
  • QA Directors, Managers, Supervisors and Technicians

Course Agenda

Day 1

  1. Introduction to the FSVP Course
  2. Food Safety Modernization and Foreign Supplier Verification Programs
  3. Building the Foundation for the FSVP Process
  4. Overview of the Requirements
  5. Preventive Controls and Produce Safety Section

Day 2

  1. Hazard Analysis
  2. Evaluation and Approval of Foreign Suppliers
  3. Foreign Supplier Verification
  4. Reevaluation Foreign Supplier Performance
  5. Importer Identification
  6. Importance of Records
  7. FDA Oversight

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Dates / Locations

6/23-24/2020 – Milwaukee