Frequently Asked Questions

What is Safe Food Resources on line learning?

It is food safety and industrial safety training developed for front line employees where they can easily understand requirements for working in a food manufacturing environment. The annual subscription allows access to all courses on the Safe Food Resources food safety training learning portal.

How can I purchase a subscription package?

If you are an individual and taking training for yourself, you can use a credit card to purchase your annual subscription.

I want to purchase a subscription for all of my employees, how do I do that?

Easy, just call our office (262) 696-8290 and we will get you started.

How much does it cost to train my employees?

Not as much as our competitors charge! Our system is the most cost-effective online food safety training solution on the market today. Call us to learn more about our annual subscription pricing model. Don’t forget to ask about our 3-year discount programs.

If I purchase an annual subscription and need to add employees through the year, will I be able to do so?

Absolutely! We will simply prorate and send you an invoice or take your credit card for the remaining time on your subscription.

What do my students need to take a course?

Internet access.

Is there an app for that?

YES! Go to your android or apple app store and search for Safe Food Resources. All of your employees will be able to download the app and take their training courses.

Do all of my employees need to have an email account?

No. Your employees will have the option to enter their email address after you enroll them in your portal to receive alerts and such, but it is not necessary. They will log in with a simple user name and password.

Who manages the training for employees?

You assign a course administrator that is able to assign hierarchy roles for your company, enroll students, assign courses, access student progress, print certificates and reports.

Can I separate my employees into different groups with different groups leaders and assign courses based on needs?

Yes, your administrator can assign co-administrators or group leaders to manage their own groups learning paths.

Can my employees “Ask an Expert” if they have a question after their training?

Absolutely! At Safe Food Resources, our folks are standing by to help your learners get the most out of your learning portal.

How much does it cost to “Ask an Expert”?

Nothing. Front line employees may ask any question related to the training they have completed. We will respond to questions within 72 hours right in your branded learning portal!

Will the “Ask an Expert” perform consulting services free of charge?

No. Our “Ask an Expert” feature is designed to help learners get the most out of their web-based food safety training, but we do not consult through our learning portal. If you need consulting assistance, contact our office to get started.

Who is the “Ask an Expert”?

The Expert is an individual(s) with many years’ experience working in the food manufacturing industry. They work out of our Pewaukee, Wisconsin offices during normal business hours.

Do students get a certificate of completion?

Yes. All fundamental courses come with a certificate of completion upon a 80% score on the knowledge check at the end of each course.

How much time to complete each course?

Our course generally last between 5 – 15 minutes for the fundamental courses.

How many courses are included in the training portal?

Available courses are listed on the website with new courses being added every month.

What languages are courses offered?

Courses are offered in English and Spanish.

Do Students get CEUs (Continuing Education Units) upon completion of courses?


Can I create my own courses and add them to my branded learning portal?

Yes, with the help of Safe Food Resources. Call our office to learn more.

What am I waiting for?

We don’t know. Give us a call and let us show you how easy and cost effective our on-line food safety training program really is. We created this program for you and your employees!


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