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See why leading organizations choose Safe Food Resources as their destination for food safety training.

Don’t be afraid to learn more about our packages for your employees. They aren’t as expensive as you might think, and we can assure you, it is worth making that phone call to our office to learn more. We’ve structured our annual subscription pricing so that it is cost-effective for small companies and large companies alike, in a budget that you will be able to afford.

Your employees will be able to download the Android or iPhone app to complete their training or you can set up a training center right in your company like many of our clients do. They will also Ask the Expert when they have a question about the training, right in the app or online. Free of Charge!

Your branded learning portal is just the beginning. You can assign groups, assign courses, check progress and run reports for your Regulators and Auditors.

Let us help you turn your employees into food safety heroes and give us a call (262) 696-8290. We can talk pricing, demo’s, custom courses, or even the weather! What are you waiting for? (262) 696-8290.

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Safe Food Resources food safety e-learning program has helped me find the right food safety training materials for the front lines. The time and money saved by using this program is significant. Employees can take the classes on their time and at their own pace. Supervisors can schedule training around production time, and each class is only a few minutes, with a short quiz at the end. This really helps us through our audits and our auditors have loved it. Courses are in our own online portal, and I can just pull up all the classes and run a detailed report for course progress, completion and quiz results. I have the choice to assign one course or assign them all. This has really helped me create learning paths for specific employees. I would recommend Safe Food Resources Food Safety Training Programs to anyone who wants to save time in training employees and be compliant in your 3rd party and regulatory training requirements.

Brenda M.
Quality Assurance Manager Lipari Foods

I like Safe Food Resources eLearning Portal for the fact that it is an easy to use traceable training for our employees. With production locations across 9 locations in 7 states our organization needed something that offered consistency, was easy to use and traceable. Safe Food Resources has given us those features for our basic food safety training. That training makes us a better producer and gives us the training that meets requirements of various regulatory and 3rd party inspectors.

Jim M.
Quality Assurance Manager

The Safe Food Resources training portal has helped our organization have and maintain a safe food supply as well as a safe working environment. Topics are covered on the site in reference to all these areas and helps the training and safety for your organization come full circle. They are easy to do, follow and retain. The time saved by not stopping production to conduct training ensures that the food and workplace safety training system, actually pays for itself!

Sheryl K.
Human Resources Manager

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