Principles of Sanitation

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Implementing a strong, effective sanitation program can be a daunting task. We must ensure that the entire facility is included in the program, from food contact areas and employee rest areas to the parking lot of the facility. Additionally when we consider Good Manufacturing Practices, Allergens and Environmental Controls, the program becomes that much more intricate.

This course provide instruction in the principles of developing a sanitation program. The curriculum is designed to teach the learner how to create and implement a complete sanitation program. The course consists of 14 sections, with each building on the next.

The course agenda will include:

  • Chemistry of Cleaning: soil characteristics and the best chemicals for removal of each
  • Hands On Application: SSOPs, Chemical Titrations, Master Cleaning Schedules
  • Allergens: scheduling practices, cleaning procedures and best methods of validation
  • Pest Control: types of pests and methods of controlling them

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