Controlling Allergens

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Each year, millions of people have allergic reactions to food with effects ranging from minor to severe. This is a major public health concern due to the potential severity of the reactions. We developed this course for food manufacturers and their employees to ensure that best practices are known and implemented at the facility level.

This course provides instruction in the development of an Allergen Program. The curriculum is designed to provide instruction in the reduction and elimination of allergen contamination or cross contamination issues that may occur in the manufacturing environment.

The course agenda will include:

  • Introduction to Food Allergies and typical reactions
  • Major Food Allergens and their properties
  • Evaluating the Hazards of undeclared Allergens
  • Employee Allergen Training and Awareness
  • Laws and Regulations affecting Allergen Management
  • Documentation including written procedures
  • Key components of the Allergen Program such as supplier control, process design, control of rework, cleaning and sanitation, etc.
  • Labeling and Packaging requirements
  • Allergen Testing

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